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4 Ways to Have a Better Conversation with Your Customers

November 06, 2017

 Sppech Analytics Icon-1.jpgThe customer journey begins with how an agent builds rapport. People buy from those they like and trust. Conducting better conversations with customers allows your organization to thrive. There are a few key points to building rapport. The agent needs to allow themselves enough time to open the conversation, understand the key points, and pace the flow of the call to allow the customer to receive timely service. Here are four ways for agents to have better conversations:

  • Introduction and Greeting: The first few seconds of any call is key to how a customer will respond to an agent. Begin with greeting the customer and finding out their name. A great example of a company who does this is Hubspot. They make it a point to find out the caller’s name every time a client calls into support. Have your agent write it down immediately to ensure a personalized touch and then utilize it throughout the conversation.
  • Understand Why the Customer is Calling or Contacting the Organization: By comprehending key points you’ll be able to better assist with handling the client. Being a good listener usually involves repeating back or paraphrasing what the customer is looking to accomplish. For instance, if they are looking to make a purchase it’s always a good idea to know what’s driving them. That way you can align their needs to a solution.
  • Be Consistent with the Speed of the Conversation: A good rule of thumb is to match the customer’s pace. If they are speaking a little rapid, you may want to consider picking your speed up while maintaining friendliness. If they are softer and a slower talker match their tone so you do not overwhelm. A good way to ensure your agents are accomplishing this is to have the right tools in your environment for quality monitoring. Call recording, screen capture and live monitor give supervisors an efficient way to listen to calls and provide feedback to the agent.
  • Closing Remarks and Action Items: Once you resolve the client’s needs it’s time for closing remarks. Ask them if they have any other questions or concerns and thank them for their time. If there are additional action items now is the time for a quick summary. Finally, call them by name as you say goodbye.

Remember, better processes make better agents in a contact center. Maintaining service levels and minimizing handle time while supporting a client’s needs improve overall customer satisfaction. If you are looking for ways to improve your contact center reach out to us at