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How Your Bottom Line is Impacted by Agent Scheduling

March 14, 2018

How Your Bottom Line Is Impacted By Agent Scheduling.pngThe cost of labor is typically the largest expense in a business. Using spreadsheets and labor-intensive legacy software is not the route to go to optimize your contact center. You want to consider moving to an updated process that allows users to efficiently communicate with their supervisors and peers. Furthermore, you need to be able to see updates quickly.

Here are a few questions to ask about your contact center:

  • Does your contact center still utilize spreadsheets for scheduling?
  • How are you currently forecasting?
  • How do you measure agents for schedule adherence?
  • How many agents are in your environment?
  • What is your ACD manufacturer?
  • When something changes throughout the day, how do you update your teams?
  • How are shift changes accounted for?

If you have more that 30 agents across multiple skills sets you need to consider a workforce management solution. Software ensures  that your employees come to work at the right time, take breaks at the right time, and come as close as possible to the schedule . Our decades of experience taught us that agents adhere to start and finish times, but breaks are a completely different story.  You can easily increase productivity by 10% by implementing workforce management software. Take a look at this scenario:

For a hundred person contact center, if you could increase your productivity by 10% it’s like you added ten people without hiring a single employee!

Our CXM solution called Community pays for itself within a few months. If you are currently using Excel you can increase that productivity to 20-30%. Imagine getting a third more productivity out of your staff without going through the pains of hiring and training new employees?

Here are a few ways CXM’s Community solutions benefits clients:

Superior Usability and Ease of Use

One of the reasons CXM’s Community solution is so effective is its ease of use. It will tell users through a pop up on their screen when to take a break. It will also share information about upcoming meetings that may have recently added. Having a single pane of glass so employees do not have to toggle back and forth between a calendar system and contact center software makes CXM’s Community ideal for agents ease of use. The easier a product is to use, the faster it is adopted.

Integrated Communication Framework

So, what makes CXM’s Community solution different from legacy products? First of all, it has multiple methods of forecast demand. You can easily schedule based on delivery of service or controlling costs. It also includes an agent portal with a mobile app designed for both iOS or Android devices.  The mobile app will allow agents to make changes, submit requests and view changes all from their cell phone. Community tracks attendance through the PBX, application and on mobile devices. Finally, it has an imbedded communication framework called ASAP (Automated Schedule Adjustment Monitor) for quickly making those adjustments.

Wizard Based Forecasting

The biggest thing we’ve noticed that separates Community from legacy options is the easy to use Wizard Based Forecasting tool. Because it’s algorithm based, you can choose exactly how you would like to maximize productivity while minimizing costs. Imagine being able to simply answer a few questions and suddenly hundreds of agents’ schedules are set and notified. Letting your tools work for you creates a smarter work environment and you can devote someone’s time into other areas of the business.

Adaptive Intraday Management Features

Changes in the contact center are dynamic on a day to day or even hour to hour basis to maintain service level. ASAP (Automated schedule Adjustment Process) allows management to quickly make hundreds of shift changes with a few clicks. Instead of having managers make single adjustments, CXM’s Community can deliver via text, internal memos, email, mobile application or pop-ups. The process also allows for bi-directional communication and eight wizard-based schedule adjustment strategies.

Steps to Success Deployment

CXM’s Community all takes great care when it comes to deployment. It’s not enough for quick user adoptability to just download and install the software. You’ll have some users that adjust immediately, while others take time and patience. Community offers an in-depth on-site training and deployment process. This process includes solution configuration, remote install and integration, on-site pre-training consulting, then on-site end user training and finally a follow up training at a later point to ensure adoption.

The goal is to not just install and train but to take the customers to successful production. It’s imperative for an organization to have the product quickly pay for itself and the best way to do that is to ensure a smooth and effective onboarding process.

The best deployments we’ve seen include socializing prior to deployment. Sharing PowerPoints, explaining the why to personnel and adopting it into the culture of an organization. When leadership is a driver of this it’s so much more effective. The biggest concern is usually agent adherence. Being able to explain the product allows for self-management which really empowers the agent to see how they want to utilize it.

Community is a versatile adaptive product designed to empower your supervisors and agents to ensure the highest level of customer service while minimizing costs and maximizing productivity. From the initial demo, through the consultation and implementation process the Community team is here to give best practices for better workforce management. If you are interested in learning more about the product reach out to use at or check out our latest webinar on Five Benefits of Utilizing Workforce Management Software. During the 1-hour webinar we discuss best practices, show parts of the product and host a Question and Answer session at the conclusion.

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