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Agent Training is a Never-Ending Story

November 08, 2017

It’s often assumed that once an agent is trained during onboarding they are masters at what they do from then on. However, the best agents are the ones that are provided continuous learning, training and eventually work with teammates as mentors. Here are a few tips about agent training and how you can provide ongoing education within your contact center.


4 Ways to Have a Better Conversation with Your Customers

November 06, 2017

 The customer journey begins with how an agent builds rapport. People buy from those they like and trust. Conducting better conversations with customers allows your organization to thrive. There are a few key points to building rapport. The agent needs to allow themselves enough time to open the conversation, understand the key points, and pace the flow of the call to allow the customer to receive timely service. Here are four ways for agents to have better conversations:


Keeping Your Contact Center Customers Coming Back

October 25, 2017

The more often technology advances the quicker patience in the customer decreases. Contact centers are expected to solve more problems in less time. If they don’t, customers will choose to go elsewhere. Think about the last time you ate at a restaurant. Imagine you are waiting in a lobby for over 10 minutes and there is no one in line. Then, it’s followed by your server taking another 10 minutes to bring you water. When the food finally arrives it’s delicious. However, your server takes forever to bring you the check. Most consumers will choose responsive service in a timely manner over product and quality.


How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Quality Monitoring

October 23, 2017

Quality management (QM), with its ability to drive agent behaviors that impact the customer experience, is a valuable tool for contact centers.

Technological advances have increased QM process efficiency by replacing paper forms and making recordings more readily available. Significant areas of inefficiency still exist, however, increasing the cost of quality to the business. The addition of workflow automation capabilities to QM offers the potential to boost efficiency even more, while simultaneously increasing the overall effectiveness of a contact center’s quality initiatives.


How to Handle an Emotional Customer

October 18, 2017

Emotions drive all of us on a daily basis. Some emotions are positive and get us excited about an event, product or moment. Negative emotions do just the opposite and can have a rippling effect where we are turned away from something. Buyers buy on emotion not logic. Then, once they settle on a product or service they tend to rationalize their emotional purchase.


Insights on Your Agents Desktops!

October 16, 2017

Measuring the interaction between your agent and their desktop is a missing link in ensuring great customer service. For years, performance management has been about average handle time, minimizing wrap times, and ensuring the agent is equipped to resolve the caller’s requests. Once the agent is on the call with the client; the phone system becomes a stopwatch and has very little other data to offer. The recorded call does not tell us how the agent is using the applications that help them serve the customer. Desktop analytics provides powerful insights that can dramatically change your contact center’s performance.


6 Things About Agent Training Every Contact Center Needs to Know

October 11, 2017

Agent training is imperative to running an effective contact center. Service Level can't be met properly without training your employees effectively. Training starts with several components from selecting the right agent with the right set of skills to providing ongoing coaching and feedback. Here are six things about agent training your organization should know:


CXM Recording and Quality Monitoring Recently Attended ACCA Fall Symposium

September 29, 2017


The Austin Contact Center Alliance recently hosted their Fall Symposium showcasing vendors from all over who work with contact center solutions. The all day event included various speakers from organizations like The Austin Chamber of Commerce, Growth Dynamic, LegalZoom and various others. The symposium topics were centered around contact center best practices, leadership strategies and building better teams. They also provided case studies, problem solving strategies and how to manage change in your organization. During each break the attendees spent time networking and visiting each exhibitors booth. CXM Recording and Quality Monitoring showcased as an exhibitor to provide information about contact center solutions. 


View Webinar: Five Methods for Building a Forecast

August 15, 2017

CXM is hosted a webinar on Five Methods for Building a Forecast. We will review five different types of forecasting and how to use them to best predict your future agent requirements. The webinar will include best practices, a live demo and a Q&A session. Please click the link below to access the webinar.


News Release: CXM Selected for Participation in HGACBuy Program

July 18, 2017





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CXM Selected for Participation in HGACBuy Program

  • CXM’s Recording, Quality Monitoring, and Workforce Management solutions included for cooperative purchasing program, HGACBuy.



HOUSTON, TX (July 11, 2017) – CXM has been selected as part of the HGACBuy government cooperative program for Record & Playback Systems. As an awardee, CXM sells call recording and quality monitoring software to government, not for profit, and educational agencies nationwide participating in the HGACBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program. HGACBuy offers an efficient purchasing process by establishing competitively priced contracts for goods and services. This provides an easy and expedited service, helping members achieve their procurement goals.